2020 - 2021 TRYOUTS

Please register online and call/or to schedule a private OR small group tryout by Friday, August 6th.

(585) 613-5892 / rocsb11@gmail.com

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Thank you for your interest in our program! We look forward to seeing you there. Questions? Contact Morgan Boyce at (585)613-5892

Becoming a Redhawk

The following information is to help players and parents understand the process regarding tryouts, assessment and selection for the Roc City Redhawks travel softball organization.




The player and family is committing to the long-term success of the player for the whole year.  This commitment represents both player and parent with full-time attendance to all team practices, games and travel tournaments. With this commitment, you will see a significant growth in the player’s ability over the year together. Every softball player wants to be good at the game, we are looking for the players who will show up every week to practices and put the extra work in on their own time. Those will be the ones who succeed on the field come game time.



Players must be willing to work with our coaches within a team and an individual setting. We always expect our players to give 100% effort in every workout, practice drill, and inning on the field. It doesn't matter if it's their strongest or weakest skill, we expect their best unless a coach is notified of an injury or sickness. This promotes individual and team improvement. 


"Don't do it until you get it right, do it until you don't get it wrong."



Parents are an essential part of the success of the Roc City Redhawks travel softball organization.  The parents are asked to not only ensure their daughters meet the commitment, conduct and attendance standards set out above, but to also help foster a positive and supportive competitive environment. The Redhawk program is fortunate to have highly skilled and experienced coaches, therefore it is requested that parents refrain from sideline coaching during practices or games. A highlight of the Redhawk program is the active involvement, participation and camaraderie of our parents and supporters. To that end, feedback on our program is always welcomed through the Director and/or coaches.