Our vision and philosophy will drive our softball program forward to continue providing the very best environment for your child to play and compete. Through constant opportunities to develop skills, a passion and performance from the player, and a positive environment provided by our coaching staff, every player will be led to exceed on and off the field.

redhawks core values


We take pride in our program and players. We are the only travel softball program in the Rochester area who provides 3+ practice opportunities per week to ensure our players grow into athletes, improve their softball skills, and develop confidence in themselves and their team. This year we will continue to grow and develop the best talent in an environment that is positive and competitive.


The three main factors into playing time for our program are attitude, effort, and attendance. We expect our players to be go-getters. All athletes want to get better at their game, it comes down to who's willing to put in the work to achieve goals. Giving 100% effort in practices, workouts, and drills is necessary for any athlete and team to take their skills to the next level. In order for any of this to happen, you need to show up. This is a year-round program with team practices taking place once a week. Attendance is recorded by coaches so the players who are dedicated to themselves and their team are the ones who will play the position come game time. Having a positive and motivated attitude, giving your best effort, and showing up to practice opportunities is what develops individual talent and strong team chemistry. It creates a fun and successful experience for everyone.


Our coaches are highly dedicated to learning new coaching skills/techniques to better their teams in practice. We all have either completed the travel softball experience and went on to play collegiate softball, or have been coaching in travel softball for several years. Our coaches go beyond the simple practice coach style and provide multiple opportunities off the field for their team to build team chemistry. We develop relationships with our players to form trust and be a person they can go to when they face obstacles on the field or in life. For our 14U/16U teams, we also provide several connections in NY and outside of the state with college coaches to provide assistance to any players who are looking to be recruited. The Redhawks program does not promote parent head coaches to avoid any unfair circumstances for our teams.