The coaches at Black and White provide the ultimate softball experience for young athletes in Western New York. We help players of all ages bring their game to the next level while teaching good character skills and building athleticism. Our goal is to leave a positive impact on their lives and pass on the fun and love of softball to players everywhere. 

Mental Game

750 St Paul St Rochester, NY 14605

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Bring your game to the next level by breaking down the weaknesses with today's latest drills and tools. Check out our lesson package deals too!

group lessons

Compete with/against friends or teammates while working on your game and save $

camps / clinics

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Hustle, train hard and give us your all, week after week, and we guarantee your game will improve. Our coaches develop ambitious, hard working student-athletes into the best softball players they can be. Every player wants to get better, we are looking to work with the players who don't just want it, but work to get better and achieve their goals. Be a go getter by making the commitment to your game and development, and our coaches will bring you to the next level. 

We offer group lessons as an option to provide a competitive environment while learning your softball fundamentals. Our coaches work with no more than a 3:1 player to coach ratio for group lessons so our athletes are getting the personal attention to their fundamentals while working with others in the same setting. 


You commit to showing up every week, to hustle, to give your best effort with no excuses and we promise you’ll become a better player. Not only a better player, but a better role model off the field too. We teach players the mental aspect of the game where you constantly fight against and overcome failure. Learning these qualities will help you overcome life's obstacles as well.

As you learn new things we ask that you remain positive and open minded. You’ll be pushed, in the most encouraging way, to work harder, to over prepare, and to never settle for less than your potential. You will do good, be good and radiate confidence. Most importantly, your attitude will shift from believing that you can, to knowing that you always WILL.


Before you begin training with us, we will evaluate your skills to see what needs the most attention and track your progress as we work together.  We will cover the physical and mental aspects of softball as well as the fitness/nutrition maintenance steps you'll need to take care of your body so you're able to keep working hard at your game.



We are located in Rochester, NY but also work with athletes in the surrounding areas of Western NY. 

Have too far of a commute to meet in person? Contact us today about virtual lessons so you don't miss out on elite instruction and the opportunity to bring your game to next level with us right from your home!